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Conferences, contributions and publications in leading industry journals: our contribution towards tax law and the law on economic crime.

Unlawful customs seizure if not proportional to the tax evaded.

Diego Zucal

Mergers: legal, accounting and tax aspects

A. Giovanardi, F. Dallasega, S. Magliarisi

Gutta cavat lapidem: more on the financial aspects of reinforced regionalism

Andrea Giovanardi

The impact of reforms on tax offences

A. Giovanardi, A. R. Castaldo, V. Senatore, S. M. Accarino

Research and development credits. Systematic application profiles

A. Giovanardi, E. Ginevra, D Liburdi, F. Colaianni

EE (foreign traveller) plate obligation for Ukraine refugee vehicles.

Diego Zucal

Mf Italian legal week 2023: professionals driving change

A. Giovanardi, G. Catalano, S. Scarpulla

National recovery, resilience and tax reform plan.

Andrea Giovanardi

The temporary admission to the EU of the personal effects of the travellers.

Diego Zucal